Power Chair or Mobility Scooter. Which will suit me?

Power Chair or Mobility Scooter. Which will suit me?

Powerchair Vs Mobility Scooter – “Which will suit my lifestyle?”

For those with mobility impairment, both electric powerchairs and mobility scooters are a great solution. The right choice will help you to regain your independence and freedom to live your life on your terms. Deciding which will best fit your lifestyle and mobility needs is important.

The following article will provide you with a guide to the differences in powerchairs and electric scooters. The pros and cons are identified to assist you to choose the mobility device that is perfect for you. In order to make an informed decision, it is important to understand the differences.

Three major benefits of Electric Powerchairs – Getting around the home made easy again!

An electric powerchair is a high-tech piece of mobility equipment that is designed to dramatically improve mobility. Usually equipped with four to six wheels and steered by a programmable joystick, electric powerchairs are highly manoeuvrable and versatile enough to be used both indoors and on outdoor terrain.

Given their exceptional manoeuvrability and their ability to turn on the spot, the first main benefit of an electric powerchair is that they are ideal for indoor use. The ease in getting around tight corners and areas of restricted space is one of the key benefits. For example, electric wheelchairs like the Puma 10 are capable of being comfortably seated at a table, taking up minimal legroom. Therefore, if your primary area of concern is indoor mobility – performing daily tasks around the home, then a powerchair will be an effective mobility aid for you.

Secondly, some electric powerchair models offer the widest array of seat movement options of any mobility vehicle. Models such as the Cougar provide the most versatility and support for those who have specific posture and orthopaedic requirements. The Cougar Tilt/Lift offer motorised stand, tilt and recline functions which make them more comfortable to use for long periods of time.

Thirdly, an electric powerchair makes independence possible for many people who may suffer from debilitating conditions such as loss of muscle strength, where they are able to control the powerchair using a toggle switch.

Can a Powerchair be portable?

Powerchairs are typically very durable and stable and it is often assumed that they are too heavy to transport. However with a variety of new portable powerchairs available such as the Venice , Titan and the Como there are now a number of new portable options available that are capable of being dismantled for easy transportation.

Benefits of Mobility Scooters – Regain your independence outside of the home!

If you primarily need mobility assistance outside the home – hitting the pavements to head to the shops for example, then a motorised mobility scooter may be the best solution for you. With the added benefits of:

  • a greater range
  • handle-bar steering
  • safety features such as headlights and indicators
  • longer battery life and
  • better suspension

Electric scooters are a safer alternative for those looking to increase their mobility outdoors. Having said that, many of the mobility scooters available now have a fantastic turning circle and great manoeuvrability making them ideal for indoor use also.

Mobility scooters are commonly grouped under three general categories – portable, medium and heavy duty. This assists you in selecting the most suitable scooter for your lifestyle. People have very different travel needs from a simple daily trip to the shops, to extended trips along the coastline or across hilly terrain. There are even scooters made specifically for the golf course such as the Golf. People live in diverse circumstances from inner city apartments to sprawling country towns with a variety of terrain. The important thing is to take the time to decide which mobility scooter will best suit your needs. The other important consideration is where you will park your mobility scooter?

If you have further questions or need some assistance, please give the Advanced Scooters staff a call on 1300 738 339.

Portable Electric Scooters

A compact mobility scooter such as the Scout is an ideal choice for those looking for a portable and easy to dismantle option that fits easily in the boot of a car. Also perfect for travel, portable scooters like the GK9 Little Ripper are ideal for shopping centre trips with their tight turning circle. These portable options are ideal for navigation in the home and other tight areas such as shopping centre aisles. There are three-wheel portable scooter options such as the GK7 that have an even smaller turning circle with the added bonus of transportability. A compact portable mobility scooter is a great choice if the storage space in your home is limited as they can be easily kept in an out-of-the-way corner or closet. The GK10 Crossover combines the advantage of portability with the increased benefits of the larger models with features such as pneumatic tyres, lights and a more comfortable seat.

Long distance electric scooters

For those looking to hit the pavement and regain the ability to head outdoors on hilly and rugged terrain, some medium range scooters and heavy duty scooters such as the Shoprider Rocky 4 and Rocky 6 are ideal. With the added bonuses of longer battery life, greater suspension, pneumatic tyres and a more powerful motor, a heavy duty electric scooter is ideal for those looking to head into the great outdoors and navigate their way on footpaths and side roads to take care of daily tasks such as shopping or visiting family and friends.

“So how do I know which one to choose?”

In summary, if you are primarily in need of mobility assistance inside your home to perform your daily acts of living and routine, then a powerchair may be the best option – giving you the freedom to spend more time with your family or enjoy the grandkids at the park. Alternatively a three wheel compact scooter can be considered. On the flipside, if your primary need for mobility assistance is outside of the home, then an electric mobility scooter may be the best solution – enabling you to select from a variety of types ranging from portable, to sturdy, heavy duty scooters to hit the pavements once again and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Below is a table that outlines the features and benefits of powerchairs in comparison to mobility scooters. You should make your decision after consultation with your physician but hopefully this article and chart helps you to make an informed decision. To speak to a trained professional call Advanced Scooters Brisbane or Advanced Scooters Sydney on 1300 738 339

Feature/Benefit Electric Powerchair Mobility Scooter
Designed primarily for indoor use, but can also be used outdoors Yes

Portable and 3 Wheel

Designed primarily for outdoor use, but can also be used indoors


Portable and Medium
Easily navigates tight spaces and corners in the house Yes
Able to operate on a wide variety of outdoor surfaces No Yes
Joystick controller for steering may be installed on either arm of the chair Yes Not Applicable
Adjustable tiller and handle bar steering for easy control No Yes
Various seating options available based on changing medical condition Yes


Available with a large variety of accessories such as bags, holders and baskets for even more convenience Yes Yes