Ultrafill Oxygen Cylinder
UltraFill oxygen cylinders are a home oxygen system that combines a stationary oxygen concentrator, filling station, and high-capacity 3,000 PSI cylinders to meet the needs of a wide range of oxygen patients, including those who are highly active or require...
Airsep Intensity 10 Home Oxygen Concentrator
Intensity 10 offers High Flow at High Pressure which is ideal for long tubing lengths as well as many respiratory devices such as nebulizers. Standard features include oxygen purity monitor as well as multi-fit outlet.
Will my Private Health cover me?
I have private health cover, is there any rebate for the purchase of an oxygen concentrator or mobility equipment? REBATES FOR MEDICAL DEVICES – a selection of the larger Australian private health funds. COMPANY Phone no Website Address P=Partial Rebate...
SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator [updated Jan 2019]
Philips SimplyGo Mini, is the best selling portable oxygen concentrator in the world Introducing Philips SimplyGo Mini, the most sleek and contemporary portable oxygen unit the world has seen yet. With the Simply Go Mini, beauty meets brawn with a...
Inova Activox 4L
*Please Note: The Activox is a discontinued model* The 4LPM Activox ticks all the boxes - light weight, portability, long battery life, hands free, easy to use and inbuilt advanced Auto Mode and Pulse Wave Technology. The Inova Activox 4L...
List of Australian Portable Oxygen Airline Forms
Information and forms regarding Airline travel on Australian Airlines with portable oxygen concentrators
Asbestos Disease and Supplemental Oxygen Therapy
Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that was used extensively in the building industry in Australia and other countries during the 20th century. A naturally occurring silicate material made up of fine, fibrous crystals, asbestos was used for its strength and flexibility, as well as its insulation, fire and chemical retardant properties. Used in Australia extensively between 1945 and 1980, it was finally banned in 1989 in building products, and completely prohibited in 2003.
NSW, QLD and VIC Mobility Scooter State Regulations
Mobility Scooter State Regulations Information For the purposes of government regulation, mobility scooters, powerchairs and electric wheelchairs are treated as ‘pedestrians’ and as such, a user of these forms of transport needs to observe the relevant laws for pedestrians, in whichever...
Philips Everflo Home Concentrator
“The Everflo is the latest in oxygen technology from Philips. Noisy intrusive oxygen concentrators are now a thing of the past! Up to 5ltr Capacity” Lightweight at 14kg and with easy to roll wheels, the EverFlo is able to be moved easily through your home. If preferred different lengths of oxygen tubing and a longer cannula may be used so that you can move freely throughout the day.
Oxygen Therapy. What exactly is it?
A short article written by Queensland Sales Consultant Kathleen Lakey
Carbon dioxide retainer. What does it mean?
What does ‘carbon dioxide retainer’ mean? Being a carbon dioxide (CO2) retainer means that too little CO2 is removed from the blood by the lungs. The resulting condition is called hypercapnia. Hypercapnia, also known as hypercarbia and CO2retention, is a...
Using a Mobility Scooter or Electric Powerchair in Victoria
Using a Mobility Scooter or Electric Powerchair in Victoria If you are using a mobility scooter or powerchair in Victoria, there are certain laws you are required to follow and in fact, whilst operating these vehicles you are actually considered a...
Tax Deductions for Oxygen Concentrators
Did you know that Oxygen Concentrators can be used as a tax deduction. Here we have a helpful article to see if you are eligible.
Power Chair or Mobility Scooter. Which will suit me?
Powerchair Vs Mobility Scooter – “Which will suit my lifestyle?” For those with mobility impairment, electric powerchairs and mobility scooters are a great solution to regaining both your independence and freedom. However, selecting the right piece of equipment that best...
Current NSW Road Rules and Laws in NSW
Rules and Regulations for Using a Scooter in NSW To ensure maximum safety whilst using your wheelchair or mobility scooter, please read the information below. What skills do I need to safely drive a mobility scooter or powerchair? In order to...
Current QLD Road Rules and Laws
Rules and Regulations for Using a Mobility Scooter or Electric Wheelchair in QLD For people with impaired mobility, mobility scooters and power chairs are an essential part of daily life, as they offer independence and an overall improved quality of life....
Portable Oxygen Concentrators and How They Can Improve Your Life
Informative article on how a portable oxygen (POC) will revolutionise your lifestyle. You’ll be able to get out and about, meet with friends and family and travel.
Why use a Humidifier Bottle with your In-home Concentrator?
Have you ever experienced a dry nose from your oxygen? A humidifier could be the answer
Tips for Flying With the SimplyGo and Other Oxygen Concentrators
Some simple Tips and Checklist to use before flight on an airline.
How do Portable Oxygen Concentrators work?
The ins and outs of Portable oxygen concentrators
What is the difference between continuous flow and pulse flow oxygen delivery?
Continuous Flow (CF) oxygen therapy can be administered at home, either using  cylinder oxygen, or by what is more commonly used today, a continuous flow unit. The units are generally designed for a stationary setting, although there is a small...