Tilt & Lift Chair

People who struggle with health or mobility issues spend a lot of time sitting down. That’s alright, as recuperation often requires rest and relaxation. However, a prolonged sedentary lifestyle of inactivity can lead to new health challenges, and innovative solutions are required. EasyCare has a wide range of electric lift chairs for the elderly designed to provide added mobility to users as well as tilt chairs, tilt in space chairs and recliner chairs. 

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What is a tilt chair?

A tilt chair, or tilt and lift chair, helps a person sit down, stand up and keep active. A comfortable tilt and lift chair recliner also allows you to relax and repose in a variety of positions beneficial to health and wellbeing. Tilt chair benefits are well known, and Easy Care offers high quality, ergonomic models recommended by health providers.

Tilt and lift chairs provide benefits to people suffering from wide-ranging ailments including arthritis, asthma, back pain and circulation problems. People who spend a lot of time in a wheelchair also benefit from the additional seating positions a lift chair provides. Here are just a few lift chair benefits.

  • Improving overall physical functionality from sitting to standing positions
  • Elimination of muscle fatigue associated with uncomfortable seating
  • Elimination of fluid retention by elevating the legs
  • Correcting posture and reducing pain using multiple seating positions

What is the best tilt and lift chair?

This will depend on your lifestyle, physical needs and personal style, and Easy Care has some great tilt and lift chair options. Even our least expensive models boast luxurious leather and soft fabric upholstery, plus options for single or dual motor mechanisms to operate the footrest/legrest and backrest independently. Contemporary and classic styled tilt chairs from Easy Care include:

Portland Riser Recliner: This luxurious and inviting recliner, available in soft colours, features a memory foam seat, dual-motor mechanism for establishing the ideal comfort, and a three-tier back design for additional support.

Tilt-N-Lift Chair: Anyone experiencing restricted mobility will benefit from using a tilt-n-lift chair. This chair assists you in every position, from sleeping to standing and anywhere in-between. This chair is an all-round solution for numerous ailments and physical difficulties.

Ambassador Premier A3 Bariatric Lift Chair: This chair has a heavy-duty motor mechanism enabling the chair to hold up to 250kg comfortably. Durable materials and features are incorporated to assist heavier and wider people adapt to the many tilt chair benefits.

At Easy Care, you get to personalise tilt and lift chairs with a range of colours, materials and styles to suit your needs and encourage an active, independent lifestyle.

How to adjust chair tilt?

Tilt and lift chairs are operated by remote control. Adjust leg height and back position for maximum comfort, and if you need to answer the door or get up for any other reason, it’s no stress or strain. By fingertip control, the chair will gently reposition you and elevate you comfortably to standing position, giving you the independence you desire.

The remote control handset is attached to the chair so it can’t get mislaid. Incremental ergonomic position adjustments are possible, so you can get comfortable while relaxing, or spring into action when it’s time to get up. Other mobility aids and products that encourage mobility for the elderly, such as mobility scooters and wheelchairs, go hand in hand with lift chair reclining for all day action and relaxation. 

How to choose a tilt chair?

There are a lot off innovative features and functions that make contemporary tilt chairs desirable. Your specific needs will determine the tilt chair you choose, including the seat depth, seat width, seat height, weight capacity, headrest and more, and here are a few functional possibilities.

Rising: The seat and armrests slowly raise up so you can stand comfortably. As the seat goes up it also tips forward, helping you to stand. Sitting is easy also; simply position yourself on the raised seat and lower the recliner into a comfy position at the push of a button.

Reclining: For people suffering arthritis and other ailments, and those dealing with back pain, a recliner chair from Easy Care is the answer. This chair will position you for different activities: watching TV, reading, writing, etc. If you sit for long periods a recliner chair will help you adjust your position for better comfort and circulation.

Lie Back: Some tilt chair recliners are designed so you can lay back with your legs out straight. A chair is not a bed, unless specially designed, although tilt back chairs are incredibly comfortable and made for optimal relaxation.

Tilt In Space: Tilt chairs help to relieve pressure and soreness, and in some cases the entire chair including seat, back rest and leg rest all tip back. Your weight is supported and spread evenly, relieving pressure and pain.

Why use tilt and lift chairs?

The benefits of tilt and lift chairs are recognised in the aged care and health care industries. Electric lift chairs transform lives for the elderly and infirm, while there is no denying that tilt chairs with massage function are appreciated by people of all ages. A tilt chair can improve the quality of your life by promoting mobility, independence and a can-do attitude. Easy Care are mobility aid product experts, and tilt and lift chairs are one of our specialties. If you live in Sydney, Brisbane, or anywhere in QLD or NSW really, contact Easy Care for recline chair and lounge chair inspiration, and remember to ask about our free delivery and other services.