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EasyCare Australia Offers An Extensive Range Of Quality Mobility Walkers And Wheelchairs To Suit Any Budget. Our main brands are Redgum by For-De group, Drive DeVilbiss branded wheelchairs and the Aspire range from Aidacare. If you need something we do not currently stock we are happy to order it in for you from any of these respected Australian brands.

Our showroom in Virginia, Brisbane has several walkers, transport chairs and wheelchairs on display and ready for you to take home today! We also ship Australia wide through Australia Post and StarTrack.

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Wheelie Walker

The EasyCare range of quality Australian brand walkers and wheelchairs offer optimum levels of comfort and convenience. Explore our product range for a wheelie walker rollator that suits your style. We even ship Australia-wide through Australia Post and Star Track.

What is a wheelie walker?

A wheelie walker is a wheeled walking frame for assisted mobility support. Wheelie walkers are adaptable alternatives to walking sticks and walking frames. They can be used indoors or outside and can even be folded away or placed in the car while on the road. When exploring wheelie walker options, investigate factors such as your level of mobility, day-to-day needs and budget.

Personalised options may include 3 or 4 wheeled models, a built-in shopping basket, backrest and a seat to rest weary legs from time to time. If your balance is good, it’s worth considering a smaller, lighter three-wheeler that is less obtrusive and easy to steer in tight spaces. Mobility walker/ wheelie walker use also staves off obesity through assisted exercise and weight loss (bariatrics). Here are a few more wheelie walker considerations.

Folding / Unfolding: There is no compromise on quality with products from name brands such as Redgum. EasyCare wheelie walker walking aids are easy to fold and are specially designed for optimal balance assistance.

Hand Grips: Options include straight hand grips, padded hand grips and ergonomic hand grips that mould to the shape of your grip.

Brakes: Brakes are naturally an essential feature of a wheelie walker. Products include wheelie walkers with lever-style hand brakes similar to a bicycle, or pressure brakes for walking frames that are activated when you press down on the walker.

The Seat: EasyCare 4-wheel wheelie walkers have seats. Various materials are used, so if you can, visit the EasyCare showroom and try out our seat walker wheelie walkers for comfort and to ensure the seat is the right height.

Optional Extras: Walk your own way with optional extras that can include drink holders, trays, walking stick holders and holds for oxygen cylinders and umbrellas. While investigating the quality and deluxe products at EasyCare, take time to explore other assistance options such as bed rails, dressing aids, toilet seat raiser, shower commodes, lifters, recliners, toilet aids, shower stools, scooter accessories, bedside commode, walking frames, walking sticks and more. 

At EasyCare, we do everything we can to keep you moving to improve health and vitality. Our walking frames, walking sticks and mobility aids are among the best available, from premium Australian manufacturers. If you require an indoor walker or outdoor walker with adjustable seat height, adaptable hand grips, ergonomic handbrakes and a sturdy rollator walking frame for falls prevention, add EasyCare products to your wish list shopping cart, and let's make it a reality. You may even be eligible for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) financial support for a rollator, walking frame, lift chair, indoor walker, transfer benches, toilet seat raiser, bedside commode or other product specially designed to encourage better aged care quality of life. 

How to use a wheelie walker?

If you are recovering from a leg injury or wanting to maintain leg strength and mobility, a quality wheelie walker will assist you greatly. Here are a few tips for walking with your walker.

1: Stand behind the wheelie walker and push it to a comfortable distance in front of you.

2: Ensure all the wheels are touching the ground before starting to walk to ensure falls prevention. 

3: Step forward, leading with your weak leg, or whichever leg feels weaker.

4: Step forward with your other leg so it is in front of the weaker leg.

Repeat the steps to move forward. Take your wheelie walker slow and try to keep good posture.

Where to buy a wheelie walker?

EasyCare, with head office located in Brisbane, is Australia’s premier wheelie walker and mobility aids retailer, stocking only name brand walkers from trusted Australian manufacturers. With more than 20 years of manufacturing and supplying highest quality mobility walker equipment, EasyCare is the go-to mobility product specialist you can trust. Contact EasyCare online, over the phone or in-store for a personalised wheelie walker experience. EasyCare also offers in-home demonstrations of our wheelie walkers and other products.

How much are wheelie walkers?

Wheelie walker styles are diverse, with models tailored for different types of people, and price points to match. EasyCare wheelie walkers and mobility walkers are top value for people on a budget, with walkers ranging from approximately $195 - $340. The price is right for a quality product with all the bells and whistles for a comfortable walking experience. Deluxe wheelie walkers, rollators and other mobility aids improve daily living dramatically, with adaptations that include shower chairs, mobility scooters, manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and more. In addition EasyCare provides an extensive range of adjustable beds, lift chairs and other specialised aged care products. 

Can you make wheelie walkers taller?

It is important to purchase a wheelie walker rollator that is suitable for your height. This will assist with falls prevention while carrying out your daily living tasks. The handle height on the Redgum Compact Side Folding Walker, for example, can be adjusted within a range from 870mm to 970mm, allowing you to walk tall in style and comfort. In addition, if you have a favourite wheelie walker and we don’t stock it, we can get it for you. Your mobility is assured with EasyCare, one safe step at a time. Here is a checklist to consider before purchasing your wheelie walker.

  • Can it be used everywhere you want to go?
  • Will it be used indoors, outdoors, or both?
  • Will it fit through the doorways in your home?
  • Can it be folded easily and placed in a car?
  • Does the size, weight and shape feel right to you?
  • Can the height be adjusted?
  • Are the hand grips comfortable?
  • Are the brakes easy and convenient to use?
  • Is the seat comfortable?

For more personalised considerations, speak to EasyCare today and get ready for newfound mobility and freedom.